7 Stylish Tops for Girls (in 2022)

Tops for girls are the most essential parts of our wardrobe. A perfect top can make any outfit look professional, polished, or chic. You can wear it with jeans, skirts or layer with dresses and look beautiful! But, to find stylish tops for women need to look at many aspects and do good research online. 

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How to Pick Stylish Tops for Girls Online?

Girls are always looking for new ways to express their individuality. Stylish tops are a great way to do that. They can be used to create a unique look or as part of a group costume.

  • The first step in choosing stylish tops is to choose the right pattern. You should consider whether you want something bold and colorful, like stripes or polka dots, or if you would prefer something more subtle, like embroidery or lace.
  • The second step is choosing the right fabric for your stylish top. You will want to think about how much time you will spend wearing it; if you plan on wearing it for a long day, choose something comfortable (like cotton). If you plan on wearing it for night parties, then you choose fabric crepe or pleats.
  • The third step is considering how you would like to highlight your look with accessories like jewelry and shoes with your beautiful top. 

Latest List of 7 Stylish Tops for Girls

When it comes to tops, it's hard not to go with the classics. A basic tee or tank top is a great way to add personality and flair to your outfit, but sometimes you want something a bit more unique. Here are 7 favorite stylish tops for girls that will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Purple Flower Shirt

The Purple Flower Shirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this spring. This top can be paired with shorts or long pants, depending on your personal style.

The figure below is featuring a purple shirt with pleated flower details on a linen base.

Purple Flower Shirt

It works well for a casual day out or lunch with friends. The linen base flower shirt is the best way to make a statement and yet be casual. It’s a drop-down shoulder shirt, which makes it a relaxed fit.

2. Orange Flower Shirt & Short Set

Orange Flower Shirt & Short Set is a set of shirt and shorts. It is made from linen material and comes in bright orange color. This is a stylish and comfortable shirt and short set that you can wear casually, or at work.

The figure below depicts the drop-shoulder top in this elegant pastel outfit that goes well with the fitted-at-the-waist shorts.

Orange Flower Shirt & Short Set

The shorts have an elastic waistband that allows them to fit most body types comfortably. It is a perfect choice for summer and looks great with sandals or flat shoes. 

3. Green Shirt with Pleated Details

The Green Shirt with Pleated Details is a great item to have in your wardrobe. It's simple and classic, but with a little extra flair that makes it stand out. 

The figure below depicts a green shirt with pleated details on a crepe basis. 

Green Shirt with Pleated Details

You can wear this shirt with jeans or black pants for a casual look, or you can dress it up with high heels for a more formal occasion. The pleats on the front give it an interesting look, made from crepe fabric, and is available in sizes small to extra large.

4. Maroon Shirt with Ruffle Details

The Maroon Shirt with Ruffle Details is a classic style, featuring ruffles infront on the sleeves which makes it perfect for any occasion. It's made from crepe fabric, so it's soft and comfortable on your skin.

The image below shows a maroon shirt with ruffle detail on a crepe base.

Maroon Shirt with Ruffle Details

This shirt can be worn with jeans and heels, or with flats. It's also perfect for holiday parties.

5. Blue Shirt with Ruffle Details

The Blue Shirt with Ruffle Details is a stylish, high-quality shirt that will never go out of style. It features a classic blue color and ruffle detailing on front sleeves.

The below figure shows a blue shirt with ruffle pleats on a crepe base.

Blue Shirt with Ruffle Details

The best place to wear this shirt is on an evening out with friends or family. You'll look great in it and feel confident about yourself!

6. Green Crepe with White Pleats Top

Green Crepe with White Pleats Top is a classic piece of attire. It can be worn to an event or party, as well as to work. The soft green color will pair nicely with all of your favorite pants, and the pleated white fabric adds a bit of extra to this look.

The image below shows a top made of green crepe with white pleats.

Green Crepe with White Pleats Top

7. Blue Crepe with White Pleats Top

Blue Crepe With White Pleats Top is the perfect piece to wear on a casual day out. The blue color is neutral and goes with just about anything, while the white pleats add an interesting element of texture.

The image below features a top made of blue crepe with white pleats.

Blue Crepe with White Pleats Top

This top is made of a lightweight crepe fabric. It is sleeveless and has a round neckline. You can pair it with pants and heels for a stylish evening look.


These tops are not only stylish, but they are also functional and versatile. You can wear them with jeans, shorts or leggings or pants. They are great for any occasion and any season.

You can wear them in the summer with a pair of shorts or jeans and sandals or wedges. In fall you can wear with jeans or leggings and style with boots. 

FAQs Related to Trending Tops for Girls

Q1. What is the best way to take care of my stylish tops?

Ans: We recommend hand-washing in cold water with mild detergent, and hanging to dry. If you must use a washing machine, use a gentle cycle, and air-dry afterward.

Q2. Are these tops comfortable?

Ans: Yes, they are! They are made from soft materials and are very comfortable.